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Familia Mercado- Tlaltenango, Zacatecas

By superhorrible - Posted on 13 December 2019


I'm looking for any informacion about 2 couples that I found in a Land Record in Tlaltenango. Both couples are mentioned in the history of the same property

1. Sebastian de Mercado married to Ana de Santillan. Date on the title 2 junio 1644. Title for Ana de Santillan now a widow of Sebastian de Mercado

2. Francisco de Acuna married to Beatriz Mercado. Granddaughter of Ana de Santillan (that is mentioned in the title) Date of the title: 26 mar 1648. Very possible "adjudicacion de tierra" to her granddaughter

NOTE: I'm hoping that these two couples are going to give me any clues on the parents of Juana Mercado (wife of Bernardo Carrillo Davila), because after the property was owned by Beatriz de Mercado (and Francisco de Acuna) the land "goes" to Pedro de la torre Acosta married to Nicolasa Carrillo Davila Mercado daughter of Juana de Mercado.

Any info will be appreciated

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