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Diego Otxoa Garibai (aka Diego Ochoa-Garibay) married to Juana Nunez de Sotomayor

By Visitor - Posted on 06 March 2016

I have already posted some of my research on Juana Nunez de Sotomayors ancestry. I would like to add some of the information that I have discovered concerning her husband, Diego Ochoa Garibay y Solis.

1). Martin Uncella ( born in the 1300's) is the father of

1.1) Ivan (Juan) Martinez Uncella (born about 1385) escribano de la villa (There is a story about him being banished by the king of Castilla that I go into more detail in my book)

1.1.1). Martin Ibanez Uncella (born abt. 1430
Married to Juana Etxebarria (born abt 1435, daughter of Pedro Etxebarria, Señor del solar de Etxebarria. (Pedro is born on or before 1410 surname also later
spelled Echevarria.
They married and lived in Mondragon. Martin Ibanez Uncella and Juana Etxebarria are the parents of: Reverend Juan de Mondragon (Catholic priest but not the Cardinal. The Cardinal is his nephew.) Maria Martinez de Uncella. Married in Mondragon to Martin Fernandez de Mercado Martin Martinez de Uncella ( el Viejo) Teresa Ibanez de Uncella (born abt. 1465) married in Elorrio to Pedro Garcia de Esteibar ( born about 1465)

Teresa Ibanez de Uncella and her husband Pedro Gartzia de Esteibar are the parents of two daughters: Juana Ibanez de Esteibar and Marina Ibanez de Esteibar Juana Ibanez de Esteibar (born abt. 1490) married to Juan Otxoa de Ybarlucea (born about 1490) (in Spanish:Juan Ochoa de Ibarlucea).

These two are the parents of 4 children that I know of : Cardenal Juan de Mondragon, (named after his uncle). (Catholic) Reverend Pedro de Mondragon (Catholic Priest) Martin (Machin) Ochoa Ybarlucea (born in 1513) ( also known as Martin Ochoa Garibai) Ybarlucia and Garibay are both names used for being from Elorrio, one refers to the valley, while the other refers to the banks of the river where the fern grows.
Martin Ochoa Ibarlucea is married to Maria Suarez de Solis y Rodriguez, daughter of Juan Bueno de Solis and Catalina Rodriguez.
Martin Ochoa Ibarlucea also had a daughter, Magdalena Garibay, out of wedlock with an unknown Indian. Magdalena married Diego Lopez. It is unknown which sibling was born first so gave her the # As if she was born second to Diego.

Martin (Machim) Ochoa Garibay and Maria Suarez de Solis were the parents of: Diego Ochoa Garibay (born abt, 1531) married to Juana Nunez de Sotomayor

Diego Ochoa Garibay and Maria Solis are the parents of : Francisca Ochoa Garibay married to Juan De La Mora Mendoza. Joseph Nunez de Sotomayor y Ochoa Garibay married to Gerónima de Calderón y Castañeda Juan de Ochoa Garibay y Nunez de Sotomayor married to Cecilia Vázquez de Solís y Pérez de Sandoval Juan Bautista de Ochoa y Garibay married to Mencía de Castañeda y Calderón Diego de Ochoa Garibai y Nunez de Sotomayor married to Juana de Bejines y Romero Miguel Ochoa Garibay married to Francisca Zamora

Diego Ochoa Garibay and Maria Solis may have more children that I am not aware of.
I saw a posting on the internet that they also had a daughter named Magdalena but I have not verified that information. No marriage or children were listed for her. Ana Ibaluzea y Untzella (baptized 9/May/1529)
(Important to pay attention to the numbering, She is a younger sister to Martin Ochoa Ibarlucea. (AKA Machin Ochoa -Garibay) Marina Ibanez de Uncella married to Juan Erenuzqueta. Again, it is important to pay attention to the numbering, she is Teresa Ibanez de Uncella's younger sister. Juan and Marina left descendants that I am not going to list here. Their descendants stayed in Spain.

Source: book mygenes2000,
Author. R.A.Ricci